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We feel a perfect fit with Armilar

They have a hands-on approach with their door always open to help. We see in Armilar an extension of our team, and I think they see themselves as so. We couldn't ask for more!
Ricardo Mendes Vawlt

From very early on, we were sure Armilar were the right partners for the journey ahead.

Today, AVP is a key part of our team, helping us overcome some of the most challenging hurdles in our path. But that started even on the due-diligence stage of the investment - when the deal closed, we already had a successful partnership history behind us.
Filipe Veiga WalliD

With Armilar you get an entire team working with you, bringing complementary skills to the table.

Their approach of bringing seasoned entrepreneurs and domain experts on board delivered a huge amount of value to us. We consider this a key aspect as these professionals, while asking some very tough questions, guided us through our growth as a company.
Nuno Sebastião Feedzai

The Armilar team are always ready to roll up their sleeves, have a falcon eye for analyzing challenges and bring out the excellence in us.

AVP have brought Codacy their seasoned experience with top entrepreneurs and companies and a founder-centric, value-add approach which has helped us become better founders and leaders.
Jaime Jorge Codacy

Getting down to business right off the bat.

We were looking for someone with the right network and a pragmatic approach to scaling tech businesses. Partnering with Armilar brought to the table the tools we need to solidify our Portuguese presence and expand internationally.
Ernesto Pedrosa Automaise

Armilar is just different.

You can feel the team's long standing experience, involvement and support from day one.
Daniela Seixas Tonic App

A true partner from day one.

The Armilar team have thoroughly understood our business, challenged us when needed, always supporting us through the good and the bad times. We have never felt there was a us and them. Rather, we feel we are one team.
Paulo Rosado Outsystems

About us

+20 years
Of Experience
+€260 million
Currently under management across 6 funds
ICT core, HT, CT
Portugal, Europe, US
Seed, Early Stage
+60 Investments
To Date
18 Exits
2 unicorns
3 dragons

Our investment companies in the world

Our Team

Senior Associate
Pedro combines an operator's experience in startups with a strong drive to back entrepreneurs, 24x7.

He is part of our team in sourcing and analyzing investment opportunities across Europe and supporting portfolio companies.
Senior Associate
Carmo has the mission to ensure that all internal procedures and compliance matters are entirely fulfilled, and coordinates the reports to our LP community.
João has a unique way to explain complex technical issues in simple ways.

He covers the relationship with main Portuguese incubators and research institutes where technology-based innovations are often born, in the preparation of Armilar’s next generation of investments.
Talent Manager
Francisco is the People Manager in Armilar, and gives valuable help for our portfolio companies to hire the best professionals in the market.
Nuno is a skilled modeler of the most complex investment and disinvestment transactions.

As Chief Financial Officer, he oversees the valuation of the portfolio companies and the financial management of the funds and GP.
Senior Associate
Inês is a pragmatic and focused professional who likes to understand the details that matter.

She is mainly involved in identifying and screening opportunities to be invested by our funds, and in helping portfolio companies overcome all types of challenges.
Joaquim stands out by his intellectual leadership, with the capacity to manage the big picture while understanding key aspects in detail.

He has been the architect of the Armilar Venture Partners' project from its inception, and the person that the team turns to for advice.
José is a creative and tech-passioned professional, with a strong network within the IT community and academia.

He follows most of the IT companies in our portfolio, and screens investment opportunities directed to Armilar.
Senior Advisor
Nuno is Co-Founder and CEO of Feedzai, the global leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning to fight fraud for banks, payment processors and retailers.
Senior Associate
Vítor is the provider of all the financial information to our Limited Partners, related to their investments in our funds, as well as all the information to our regulator and our shareholders.
Senior Advisor
Paulo Rosado is Founder and CEO of OutSystems, a company founded in 2001 with a vision to help customers innovate faster and fundamentally change how enterprise software is developed.
Executive Assistant
Ana helps ensuring that everything runs smoothly in the office.
Senior Advisor
Helder Antunes is a Portuguese-American executive and consultant.

With over 30 years of experience in the high tech industry of Silicon Valley, Helder has been crucial in the development of various technologies, initiatives, and programs in the Valley and in Portugal.
Senior Associate
Rodolfo values blending high-level strategy with focused execution.

He contributes by screening investment opportunities and supporting our portfolio companies.
Duarte involves himself in a very intense way in the day to day multi-tasking, building on a very own sort of energy that boosts the teams he works with. He is a deep people person.

Duarte is in charge of the HealthTech space within Armilar. You may find him playing hands-on roles in some of our early-stage investments, actively collaborating within the ecosystem or traveling around the country looking for new opportunities.
Senior Associate
Pedro is motivated by his deep intellectual curiosity and people-oriented mindset. He is always eager to contribute to the success of startups and entrepreneurs.

He is mainly involved in identifying and screening opportunities to be invested by our funds, and in helping portfolio companies overcome all types of challenges.
Pedro cultivates a rigorous and systematic approach to daily challenges, making him a trustful and insightful professional.

He leads most of our sustainability-related investments and also has a keen focus on enterprise software, SaaS and IoT technologies, actively participating in the life of a number of our portfolio companies and scouting the wealth of international investment opportunities that we receive every day.

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