João Dias promoted to Partner

April 8, 2024

As we kick off the second quarter of 2024, we are proud to announce the promotion of João Dias to Partner!

João Dias joined Armilar in 2011 as Senior Associate, having previously worked in management and innovation consulting firms for ~8 years.

Initially focused in establishing relationships with key Portuguese incubators and research institutes, where technology-based innovations frequently originate, João actually started his career in VC based out of Oporto and quickly became very well known within the ecosystem. This was instrumental in preparing Armilar's next generation of investments which eventually led to his promotion to Principal in 2019.

João has consistently impressed everyone not only with his ability to explain complex technical issues in simple ways but also with his unwavering dedication to the companies we are privileged to call portfolio companies.

João Dias, Partner at Armilar

João has led investments and works closely with the management teams at Vawlt, Automaise, KIT-AR, MediaProbe, in Portugal, as well as Codee and Bdeo, in Spain, just to mention the active companies. Before that he had the chance to work with a number of other companies mostly in the Oporto, Braga, and Coimbra regions.

We have gathered direct feedback from founders with whom João works closely every day but also from other players in the Iberian ecosystem, to properly convey the value that João brings, both through his personal characteristics and continuous professional support.

Quotes from founders of the companies we are privileged to call portfolio companies:

“João is amazing! Right off the bat, his hands-on approach genuinely aims to contribute. The phrase "he's a true extension of our team" is not just lip service with him. As if all this weren't enough, he's incredibly kind and polite. We're incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him!” from Ricardo Mendes, CEO and co-founder of Vawlt;                                                

"João has been an absolutely invaluable member of Mediaprobe’s board. There is not one interaction with him where we don’t feel his commitment and passion. More importantly, he is a great human being, and I couldn’t be happier for him."  from Pedro Almeida, CEO and co-founder of MediaProbe;

“Joao has distinguished himself not only as a supportive investor but as a sage advisor, known for his capacity to spark insight and foster clarity through thought-provoking questions. His approach goes beyond conventional support; by asking the right questions at the right times, he guides us to find our own solutions, encouraging a deeper understanding of our challenges and potential. This method of engagement has made his advice invaluable and his presence a source of both personal encouragement and professional wisdom. Joao's pragmatic and empathetic involvement is deeply respected and appreciated, making him an integral part of our journey” from Julio Pernía, CEO and co-founder of Bdeo;

Quotes from other players from the ecosystem:

"I have had the pleasure of knowing João since 2020, and since then I clearly see him as one of the most honest, genuine and kind VCs I have met. Even when he didn't need to, he has shown on several occasions a strong capacity (and desire) to help, from simple conversations to making super relevant introductions. As one of the sharpest deep tech VCs (who is not afraid to dive into new fields shall he sees great potential for impact), it's been a true pleasure to interact with him. He's for sure a 'competitive advantage' for any fund." from Luís Valente, CEO and Co-founder of iLoF 

"It's been a great pleasure to collaborate with Joao in the two investments that Armilar and Kfund share. He's always been super attentive with both the founders, ourselves and other co-investors, and we truly believe this promotion is well deserved. To more co-investments in the future!”  from Jaime Novoa, Partner at Kfund (VC firm based in Spain), who collaborates with João in the Iberian ecosystem, particularly in supporting founders and teams of companies we have backed together;

And finally quotes from Joao’s team members at Armilar:

“João continuously inspires me with his work ethics and unwavering support to our team and the founders he backs. He perfectly embodies Armilar’s ethos and is a tremendous joy to work with. I look forward to witnessing him serve the multiple ecosystems he operates in, now as an Armilar Partner!” from Rodolfo Condessa, Principal at Armilar;

“Going back to the moment I first heard about João, it was actually a friend who had heard from us that we were looking to hire a Senior Associate with a perspective of a long-term commitment, and that was the CEO of João’s former company. I remember describing to him the profile we were looking for, and I remember very vividly when he looked me in the eyes and said: “I have the right man for you!”. Less than a week later I was meeting João in person and I felt right from that moment I was talking to somebody with whom we would be sharing a lifetime journey in our company. So for me, this promotion is a very special occasion to celebrate not only João’s outstanding professional path and personal qualities, but also somehow to feel proud of Armilar’s capacity to attract, retain, develop and benefit from an exceptional set of team members!” from Duarte Mineiro, Managing Partner at Armilar.

Our team plays a pivotal role in Armilar's success and the impact we have (and aim to enhance further) in the economies where we operate. We are privileged to have João as part of our team and we all look forward to his continued success at Armilar.

We couldn't be more thrilled for this next chapter!

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