The Armilar Founders community

Sphaera is the community that gathers exclusively all the founders and CEOs of companies that Armilar has the privilege to call "portfolio companies”!

Through Sphaera, we want to extend the support we are able to give to the Founders, but mostly, we want to facilitate interactions amongst them, startup founders and executives, and leverage each member’s experience, knowledge, creativity and sense of purpose through a powerful and positive network effect.

By engaging with Sphaera, Founders will meet and interact with remarkable individuals, with whom they will be able to grow as an entrepreneur and as a person.

In Sphaera, Founders can:

- Seek support of the community by starting a discussion, asking a question to people who have gone through a situation similar to yours;

- Interact with the community by contributing to the discussions, sharing your insights, best practices, ideas and opinions, or simply by sharing exciting news about your company;

- Connect and interact directly with other community members;

- Be part of community events;

- Access resources and documentation relevant to tech-based ventures, contribute with your own stuff, and more!

If you are already a Sphaera member, you can access the community here.

If you are a Founder/CEO of a company in our portfolio and have not yet joined Sphaera, reach out now to to register and jump in on the conversation!