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Who we are, in a nutshell
We partner with brilliant founders who want to transform the world
We partner with brilliant founders who want to transform the world
We partner with brilliant founders who want to transform the world

We are an early-stage venture capital fund manager with a strong track record of backing founders of digital startups through the entire journey from inception to exit.

Over the past more than two decades we’ve learnt what it takes to build, from scratch, extraordinarily successful global businesses.

Our insight comes largely from having helped many companies overcome all types of challenges, not afraid of rolling up our sleeves to support entrepreneurs throughout the peaks and valleys of a startup lifecycle.

We have been fortunate to see many of the companies we are privileged to call “portfolio companies” become the best in the world in their fields and we know what it takes to get you there.


years of investment experience


companies backed since 2000


exits, 3 IPOs





We partner with brilliant founders who want to transform the world
We partner with brilliant founders who want to transform the world

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Our Philosophy
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We believe in the power of disruptive technologies to improve our society

We follow a "tech at the core" investment theme, looking for exciting opportunities that are based in leading-edge technology across a range of sectors. We see many of them, and we are very selective.

We are a strong believer that an outstanding technology is not sufficient to drive a company's success, if it isn't led by the right people.

We look for entrepreneurs who not only are very knowledgeable of their business and technology, but also show the keen intellect and the necessary resilience and honesty to overcome the adversities that their company will surely be facing.

We believe that companies only delivering incremental change cannot create a significant value.

We will invest in a company if it is the best in its field, with a unique technology or technology-based business model that is a disruptive improvement or solution to a valuable problem.

We also believe that companies that address a local or a small niche market will remain local or small in their impact.

The companies we support have a global mindset and their product has a very sizeable global addressable market.

We want to support businesses with an enormous valuation potential in the medium term.

We will only invest in fast-growing top-notch companies, with a huge prospective profitability, which we strongly believe can deliver sizeable returns for founders and investors.

Our focus
We invest in digital companies with a strong tech differentiation angle

We are focused on opportunities where data, digitization and connectivity play a central role.

We look for leading products and high scalability, with a robust technological competitive advantage.

We are mostly industry-agnostic, with a technology "horizontal" perspective.

We invest in early stages

We are European-focused

We are a European-based fund manager with significant experience in investing globally since our early days.

In Seed stages we usually focus on opportunities closer to home (i.e., Iberia), while in Series A+ rounds we look for the best companies throughout Europe (and, in specific cases, the US).

How we work
Our ways of working

At Armilar, we go by the mantra that the companies we invest in and their founders are really our customers

We are conviction driven

We make few, highly selected, investments per year. You can be sure that we will have sufficient bandwidth to support your company.

We are “hands on”

It's your company, and we're there to help. We will try to understand your technology and business in detail and will bring our know-how from 20+ years of investment experience to challenge you in a constructive way.

We are on board

Our interests are your interests: to develop and grow your company. We will support you through the Board (helping you navigate the company's most strategic moves), and more informally, whenever you need.

We are there for the long run

We are patient partners, focused on long term impact. We follow on in our best companies’ subsequent rounds, to be there with you until the exit.

We foster a community

We created “Sphaera”, a community of founders that is a safe harbor where each member can feel comfortable to ask questions, look for support, bounce ideas with fellow founders, or simply share ideas and useful resources.

Our commitment to impact
Responsible investing is core to Armilar

We are convinced that technology can be a "force for good", and invest in companies that share our values.

We believe that our actions of today impact our tomorrow and that of our children. As long-term-focused investors, we see it as our responsibility to make thoughtful decisions that will safeguard and protect our planet for generations to come.

We believe that all people, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or nationality, are deserving of respect, inclusion, safe work environments and basic human rights.

We believe that alignment of interests, accountability, transparency and fair compensation are imperative in partnering with our portfolio companies and investors.

Our team
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With a background that mixes management with science and technology, our truly passionate team is dedicated to help you build and grow your business.

Meet the team members
Our family
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Over the past decades, we invested in more than 60 different teams.

Learn more about the companies that we are privileged to call “portfolio companies”.

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We want to be part of your journey

If you have a unique solution to a valuable global problem, if you need financial support and you are looking for a partner with experience and a hands-on approach to help you in your venture, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What we need from you

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