JDCP produces high quality phosphoric acid

August 6, 2018

JDCPhosphate, an AVP III portfolio company, has successfully used its proprietary Improved Hard Process technology to produce high-quality super-phosphoric acid (SPA) using low-quality phosphate rock without creating toxic waste during continuous operation of its new demonstration plant in Fort Meade, Florida.

Isaac Asimov wrote in his ‘Life’s Bottleneck’ 1959 essay: "We may be able to substitute nuclear power for coal power, and plastics for wood, and yeast for meat, and friendliness for isolation – but for phosphorus there is neither substitution nor replacement.”. Phosphorus is a fundamental element for life, which we introduce in our food chain through fertilizers that use phosphoric acid as raw material. It is also a finite fossil resource: to make phosphoric acid, phosphate rock needs to be mined and processed. The dominant process in the industry requires high quality ore and is highly polluting, producing large amounts of toxic waste (phosphogypsum) as a by-product.  

JDCPhosphate’s proprietary process for producing phosphoric acid for agricultural and industrial use is one of the most significant advancements in decades for the phosphate industry. The patented technology is a kiln-based process that can use lower grade ore, while minimizing the amount of waste and completely avoiding phosphogypsum production. During recent operations at its demonstration plant, JDC was able to operate its entire process continuously, from feed preparation to acid production, to produce super-phosphoric acid using low-quality phosphate rock tailings. This is a major milestone for JDCPhosphate’s technology, showcasing its value as a cost-efficient and scalable new process.

The company’s focus is to continue demonstration plant operations and to explore the routes to commercialization of the technology. The demonstration plant in Florida will be capable of testing various qualities of phosphate ore raw material, allowing potential licensees to validate the process for the phosphate ore and silica sources they have available.

Read the company's press release here.

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