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Laserleap awarded by ALTEC


ALTEC - Associação de Laserterapia e Tecnologias Afins (Laser Therapy Association and Related Technologies) will once again award the Laser Achievement Award, which aims to distinguish best practices and relevant findings in the laser area. This year the prize will be awarded to LaserLeap Technologies, for the development of an innovative, unique in the world laser therapy. The event will take place on 7 October and will feature the presence of ALS - European Laser Association.


LaserLeap technology is a painless and efficient method of drug and cosmetics delivery through the skin, using a unique and innovative laser. This new technology is the result of two decades of research on lasers and ultrasound has resulted in a technology that combines innovative materials with low cost lasers, capable of making the skin permeable to drugs and cosmetics, in a safe, painless and effective way.