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FASTInov raises €450.000 in seed capital

Through a round of finance leaded by ES Ventures, the spin-off from Oporto University is now the most recent portfolio company of ISTART-I fund


FASTInov, a spin-off from Oporto University founded by an experienced team of professionals in the clinical microbiology area, developed a technology that reduces the time to obtain an Antimicrobial Susceptibility Tests (AST) from 48 hours to less than 2h. FastInov technology will be used is hospitals and clinics, and will provide doctors with fast and comprehensive results regarding which antibiotics should a patient take to eliminate an existing infectious bacteria.

The round of finance was leaded by ES Ventures, with ISTART-I fund investing €300.000 and BusyAngels co-investing €150.000.These funds will allow FastInov to develop a certified commercial product, based on its technology.